W I S EParent Coaching

A method founded by
"The Parent Whisperer"
Sarah Persha, MA

Need parenting skills tune up?
Mental health treatment navigation?
Mental health coach?

Improve parenting with regular
and On-Demand parent coaching.


Navigate dilemmas with mental health and education,
career and vocational opportunities.

When you partner with WISE Parent Coaching, you partner with trained coaches, therapists, educational and mental health specialists, career and back to work rebooting.

See improved skills in your family relationships and have more hope for the health and wellness of you and your family!

Keep it wise vector

Keep it WISE

W = Wisdom: Parents have wisdom, regain it and use it skillfully.

I = Insight: You and your teen/young adult have insight, learn to practice and apply.

S = Sensitivity: Always use sensitivity, it pays off in the end.

E = Expectations: Expectations that your child can meet and you can live with as they mature.

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Finding repair and re-connection

Finding repair and

Who do you turn to for help?

When do you push your child or partner, when do you pull back?

How do you move from the desperate storm to a calmer harbor, where repair and re-connection are found?

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Collaborative partners in mental health and education

Our collaborative partners in Mental Health and Education


Brain health: the learning years require a lot of parents, and managing successful outcomes in therapy, school and college, citizenship and careers is about finding the right answers with skilled assessment and application.

Neuropsychological testing takes the guesswork out of the questions: How does my child learn? What does their behavior mean? Does this frustration mean something?

They seem so smart but just can’t perform their work. Why does my college student keep failing? What’s going on? What am I doing wrong?

WISE Parent Coaching teams with neuropsychologists in specialty practices available in office or on location:

Educational and School Advising:
Young Adult & Family Coaching, Intensives, Interventions:
Experiential Learning Therapy/Gap/Time-Out/Experiential Learning Semesters:
  • All Kinds of Therapy: Programming Evolution
  • Gap Year Association: Find both Gap advisors and programs for time out/time on experiential learning, education abroad or domestic Gap
  • J2 Guides: Gap Year Guidance
  • International Coach Pro: Students abroad? Make it a great experience, don’t leave it to chance, we can help manage mental health needs even while traveling! Let us guide you for the right fit with GAP, semester abroad, volunteering, more.
Family Preservation, Consultation for Families in High Conflict, Divorce & Custody:
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PACKAGE #2Customized MyCoach

Weekly scheduled coaching for 3-12 months

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PACKAGE #3WISE Parent Education

Parents choose 4 educational sessions

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Educational session topics from mental health, learning differences, neuropsychology evaluation reviews, and more.

Other custom packages available for 3-6-12 months of dedicated coaching and case management for you and your family.

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